The Burning Bob

- official drink of

(Impress the Sxxy Deth Chyx!)

When it's Friday night and you have a week of lusers to forget, you need a drink as fiery as your temper, as acrid as your soul, as brown as the shit you've been dealing with, as sinus-clearing as, erm, as the chartreuse on top. You need ... the Burning Bob.

The Burning Bob was invented by Bernard Blake at a domain registry somewhere in Melbourne, brought to the Blue Velvet Bar by Simon Stainsby (who I saw drink three of these fscking things in quick succession one Friday night after a week of dealing with domain lusers) and documented by Nile Evil Bastard.

Build a Burning Bob!


1. Get a martini glass. Pour in the Kahula. Carefully layer the chartreuse on top:

              ( )--------   <--- lit kitchen match
          \_____/   <--- chartreuse
           \   /    <--- Kahlua

2. Light the chartreuse.

3. IMMEDIATELY place the straw in the glass and drink from the bottom, while the top is still alight. Do this fast enough and the straw won't melt or catch fire.

4. Bow to the applause of the rest of the bar. These things are a spectator sport.

One of these and you'll actually feel a little better. Two of these and you'll start to approach human. Three of these and you'll be JUST FINE.

When you start getting addicted to them ... start making them as doubles. Two shots of Kahlua, two shots of Chartreuse, light and drink ...

"Why the fuck is he drinking something on fire?!"
"He works Tech Support. They do this shit to relax."

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